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Flat Rate Annual Inspections

Flat rate annual inspections include the following and meet the requirements of CAR 625.86 appendix “B”

• Spark plug cleaning and testing
• Pre and post-run-up for systems check
• Compression check
• Battery servicing
• Oil and filter change **
• Air and hydraulic filter change **
• Lubrication of pulleys, hinges & bell cranks
• Lubrication of grease fittings
• Magneto timing check
• Landing gear retraction test
• Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior necessary for the inspection

After the inspection has been completed, the aircraft owner will be notified and all of the inspection findings will be discussed to ensure that there are no surprises. Flat Rate price includes labour for the inspection and completion of the annual inspection logbook entry.

Price does not include AD research or any parts required for the annual inspection, oil, oil filter, misc shop supplies, etc. Shop consumables are charged at an additional 5%

All parts & labour for the correction of discrepancies and any additional items which may be required will be evaluated and quoted separately.

Additional items that may be required per CAR 625.86 Appendix “C” which are not included in the Flat Rate price.

Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)
(a) ELTs shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months.
(b) ELT batteries shall be replaced at the interval recommended by the ELT manufacturer.
Fixed Pitch and Ground Adjustable Propellers
At intervals of not more than 5 years, the propeller shall be removed from the aircraft and inspected for corrosion or other defects over its entire surface, including the hub faces and the mounting hole bores. While the propeller is removed, it shall also be checked for correct dimensions.
Altimetry Devices
Altimeters and other Altimetry devices installed in aircraft operating under Instrument Flight Rules, or under visual flight rules in Class B and C Airspace or Class C and D Airspace that is designated as “Transponder Airspace” shall be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 24 months.
(ATC) Transponders
ATC Transponders, including any associated altitude sensing reporting mechanisms, where installed, shall be tested every 24 months.
The accuracy of mechanical drag cup type tachometers, for fixed-wing propeller-driven aircraft, shall be checked on-site annually, and be accurate to within the tolerances established by the aircraft manufacturer or, where no tolerance has been specified by the aircraft manufacturer, to within +\- 4% of engine RPM at mid-point of the cruise range.

Aeronca / Bellanca / American Champ
Champ / Chief9 hrs$945
Citabria / Decathlon10 hrs$1,050
17-30/31 Viking16 hrs$1,680
23/24 Musketeer / Sierra / Sundowner14 hrs$1,470
33/35/36 Debonair / Bonanza32 hrs$3,360
50 Bonanza Twin35 hrs$3,675
55/56/58 Baron43 hrs$4,515
60 Duke48 hrs$5,040
76 Duchess37 hrs$3,885
95 Travel Air38 hrs$3,990
120 – 15212 hrs$1,260
Hawk XP16 hrs$1,680
172RG19 hrs$1,995
17715 hrs$1,575
177RG21 hrs$2,205
18017 hrs$1,785
18217 hrs$1,785
T18218 hrs$1,890
182RG19 hrs$1,995
T182RG20 hrs$2,100
18517 hrs$1,785
185 Amphibian22 hrs$2,310
205/20619 hrs$1,995
20718 hrs$1,890
21025 hrs$2,625
T21028 hrs$2,940
P21029 hrs$3,045
31039 hrs$4,095
T31040 hrs$4,200
33738 hrs$3,990
T33741 hrs$4,305
P33745 hrs$4,725
34050 hrs$5,250
40246 hrs$4,830
40448 hrs$5,040
41450 hrs$5,250
42153 hrs$5,565
42556 hrs$5,880
44159 hrs$6,195
Aircraft on straight floats addFlat Rate$250
Beaver – Wheels27 hrs$2,835
Beaver – Floats30 hrs$3,150
Beaver – Amphibious Floats32 hrs$3,360

AA-112 hrs$1,260
AA-514 hrs$1,470
J3/J4/J58 hrs$840
PA 11/PA 12/PA 1811 hrs$1,155
PA 20/PA 2211 hrs$1,155
PA 24 180/250/260/40022 hrs$2,310
PA 28 140-18014 hrs$1,470
PA 28 R180-20022 hrs$2,310
PA 28 23516 hrs$1,680
PA 32-260/30022 hrs$2,310
PA32R-300/300T/301/301T32 hrs$3,360
PA 3033 hrs$3,465
PA 23-160/235/25027hrs$2,835
PA 31-300/310/325/35045 hrs$4,725
PA 46-310P/350P40 hrs$4,200
PA 4433 hrs$3,465
PA34-200/200T/220T40 hrs$4,200
PA 6040 hrs$4,200
PA 600 Aerostar41 hrs$4,305
PA 700 Superstar51 hrs$5,355
Mooney M20 C/D/E/F/G/J22hrs$2,310